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    Total: 2 murders, 2 suicides (historical)- Mad Molly - Commits suicide by jumping in the river- Tristan Balliol - Poisoned by frog toxin - accidental overall NoHenry, the patriarch of the Hammond family, is particularly riled by his insalubrious neighbours, and has nurtured a long-running feud with the HicksesThe plot of The A.B.CTotal: 3 murders Accidental death: 1Film[edit]100 The Killings of Copenhagen 12th February 2014 in series Title Directed by Written by Original air date Filming Date Viewers (millions) 90 1 "The Dark Rider" Alex Pillai Michael Aitkens 1February2012(2012-02-01) September/October 2011 6.94 When Bentham DeQuetteville falls to his death from a roof after seeing a headless horseman, his aristocratic family seem more concerned about their forthcoming Civil War re-enactment than the incidentReferences in other works[edit]However, when it comes to light that her suicide note - in the form of an e-mail - was sent too late, Barnaby & Troy soon finds themselves in the midst of witchcraft, ancient potions, infidelity and land feudsTotal: 3 murdersThere are several other people interested in buying the house, but are they desperate enough to murder potential rivals? Barnaby investigates, with the assistance of PC Ben Jones, who he temporarily appoints Detective Constable, in the absence of DS Scottoverall NoSeries 8 (200405)[edit]73 The Great and the Good 14th April 2010 b: 11 Jan 04 w: Isabelle Grey d: Richard Holthouse "Sins of Commission" gs: Stella Gonet [ Grace Maplin ], Tom Mannion [ Sam Callaghan ], Emma Buckley [ Jezebel Tripp ], Robert Whitelock [ John Denton ], Michael N Harbour [ Harry Poulson ], Margot Leicester [ Kay Settingfield ], Donald Sumpter [ Tim Settingfield ], Susan Engel [ Camilla Crofton ], Rachel Bell [ Mrs Hunnicutt ], Mark Umbers [ Neville Williams ], Damien Lyne [ David Lowry ], Victoria Wicks [ Helen Callaghan ], Caroline Lintott [ Travel agent ], Alex Belcourt [ WPC Julie ] rc: Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby, Dr George Bullard A prize-winning author is murdered on the eve of the 12th Annual Midsomer St Michael Literary Festival, but despite the tragedy, sponsor Sam Callaghan is determined that the event should go aheadb: 8 May 07 w: Douglas Watkinson d: Sarah Hellings "A Picture of Innocence" gs: Nigel Anthony [ Lionel Bell ], Andrew Tiernan [ Steve Bright ], Adrian Scarborough [ Eddie Carfax ], Peter Eyre [ Headley Madrigal ], Richard Lintern [ Martin Spellman ], Martin Hutson [ Seb Madrigal ], Montserrat Lombard [ Philomena Bell ], Caroline Trowbridge [ Imogen ], Ian Peck [ Adam Knox ], Franois Domange [ Maitre d'Hotel ], Malcolm Raeburn [ Hotel Manager ], Liza Goddard [ Marion Bell ], Francine Morgan [ Middle Aged Woman ], Michael Geary [ Lee Peters ], Brian Parr [ Postman ], Lynn Farleigh [ Sonia Madrigal ], Steven North [ Nigel Woodley ] rc: Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby, Dr Bullard In the village of Luxton Deeping, there's a bitter rivalry between a group of digital photographers and the dwindling number of traditional film photographers, the activities of the latter group being centred on a small shop run by Lionel Bellproducer Betty Willingale ROBOT: Season 3, Episode 5: Eps3Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders Heather Graham has been cast in NBCs planned drama Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murdersb: 11 Jan 12 w: Steve Trafford d: Nick Laughland Back toTOP of Page TO TitleList 15th Series 2012 "The Dark Rider" gs: James Callis [ Toby DeQuetteville & Julian DeQuetteville ], William Gaunt [ Ludo DeQuetteville ], Eleanor Bron [ Izzy DeQuetteville ], Kerry Fox [ Betty DeQuetteville ], Raquel Cassidy [ Diana DeQuetteville ], James Clay [ Simon DeQuetteville ], Murray Melvin [ Bentham DeQuetteville ], Natalie Mendoza [ Sasha Fleetwood ], Paul Ritter [ Harry Fleetwood ], Louisa Clein [ Amanda Harding ] rc: Sarah Barnaby, Dr Kate Wilding Bentham DeQuetteville, an unloved elderly member of a family that has been in Midsomer since the English Civil War, falls to his death from a roof of their ancestral home after seeing a headless rider on a grey horse in the groundsBlu-Ray Review: DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE (2017): A48: Nicolas Cage GHOST RIDER (2007)November 12, 2017MRpp.12628Her son Patrick Bradley disappeared nineteen years before, and was never found- VICTIMS MURDERS OTHER DEATHS Isabelle Hewitt Clubbed to death with stake110 Harvest of Souls 17th February 2016 47c21cc077

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